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Vision for Iowa

I believe a state representative should be a visionary leader.  Everyone in District 99 should expect me to have a vision for the future of Dubuque and the State of Iowa as their candidate for the Iowa House.

We don’t need another politician who claims to have all the answers.  We need someone with the courage to set goals beyond the status quo and listen to the true needs of Iowans.  My vision for our state takes shape as I hear from you about what is important in your life, and it will guide every decision I make in the Iowa Legislature.

Finally, this vision must come from a solid foundation of truth.  Facts are something we avoid far too often in politics these days.  I will not stand for this.  To the best of my ability, I will take all possible information and perspectives into account.  As a result, my goals and ideas will adapt and grow as I learn more about what is important to everyone in my district.

I will never stop fighting to create the greatest benefit for the most people as possible in our state.


The Best Schools in the Country

Healthcare for Every Iowan

Economic Opportunity for All

Safe Families.  Safe Communities.

Quality, Accessible Mental Healthcare

A Thriving, Diverse, and Inclusive State

Strong, Sustainable Agriculture

Clean Air.  Clean Water.  Healthy Environment.

Modern, Reliable Infrastructure

State Budgets that put People First

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